And Scene #13 - Auditioning w/ Peter Lockyer

June 26, 2017

Welcome to this week’s episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast! 

First, apologies for the audio issues with Mike’s track. Our online studio is still working to fix the problem!

In Act 1, we discuss this week’s theater news & notes, including the success of touring productions this past season, some big changes at London’s Young Vic, and Meghan is going somewhere else this summer?!

In Act 2, we welcome back Broadway and West End actor, Peter Lockyer!  Pete is here to talk about auditioning.  Think of it as a companion episode to Episode #11 with Joy Dewing — just from the other side of the table.  Pete offers his advice on how auditioners should comport themselves in the room, his thoughts on technology’s creep into casting, and how he thinks the auditioning process can be improved.

What are your thoughts on auditioning?  Can you think of any ways that would improve the process?  Have you been on both sides of the table, and how has one informed the other?  Let us know!  Please reach out to us on Twitter at @andscenepod, via email at, and on Facebook at Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, or Stitcher, and leave us a rating (five stars please!).  Thank you for listening!


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