And Scene #2 - Broadway & the West End w/ guest Peter Lockyer

April 10, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast!  This week, we have special guest, Broadway and West End actor, Peter Lockyer joining us.  In Act 1, we'll touch on the reviews for the new musical Amelie, a NY Times article on “Why Authoritarians Attack the Arts” (, and more.  In Act 2, we will discuss with Peter the similarities, differences, and heating & cooling techniques(!) of Broadway and London’s West End.  It’s an interesting discussion where Peter takes us through his experiences performing in what are considered the global hubs of commercial theater.  Finally, in Act 3, we’ll preview next week’s episode.  Please reach out to us on Twitter at @andscenepod, via email at, and on Facebook at Please subscribe to the podcast, and leave us a rating (five stars please!).  Thank you for listening.


And Scene #1 - SHOWdown - West Side Story vs The Music Man

April 3, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast!  This week, Act 1 brings you some News & Notes from around the theater world.  Act 2 is our first SHOWdown, pitting West Side Story vs The Music Man in a five-round battle for musical supremacy: Pedigree, Music & Lyrics, Book, Performability, and Legacy.  Will your favorite come out on top?  Act 3 will then preview next week's episode.

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And Scene #0 - We’re In Previews!

March 26, 2017

Hello, and welcome to the preview episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast!  Meet your hosts Michael and Meghan as they describe what awaits you in this new podcast focusing not only on Broadway, but on the history, trends, personalities, companies, and art of theater.  This is a weekly podcast that will hopefully scratch your theater itch, while perhaps teaching you something you didn't know, as well.  

We want this show to be not only a conversation between us, but a conversation with you, too.  Please reach out to us on Twitter at @andscenepod, via email at, or on our Facebook page  We look forward to hearing from you.