And Scene #15 - Composing Music for the Theater w/ Ross Somerville

July 10, 2017

Welcome to this week’s episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast! 

We are back after the holiday, rested and ready to tackle some more theater topics for the summer. This week, in Act 1, we discuss the healing power of theater (literally!), some great things schools are doing with theater grants, and what if Broadway “could turn back time.”

In Act 2, while Mike was away on vacation, Meghan interviewed theater artist and composer Ross Somerville (@sombreroville91).  Ross discusses his process for writing music for theatrical productions, how being an actor helps his composing, and the ways in which a director’s personality can effect the writing process.

Have you ever thought about how the music was written for a piece of theater?  Ever tried composing yourself?  Tell us about it!  As well, please let us know what subjects you’d like to hear about on upcoming shows.  Please reach out to us on Twitter at @andscenepod, via email at, and on Facebook at Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music, or Stitcher, and leave us a rating (five stars please!).  Thank you for listening!

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Spice Girls, “Wannabe”, Spice, Virgin Records, 1996
Mogwai, “Hungry Face”, Les Revenants, Rock Action, 2013
Ross Somerville, “It’s Never Black and White”, Winter Sun, 2016
Ross Somerville, “Celia”, Kara Sevda, 2017


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