And Scene #4 - Greek Theater w/ Nikoletta Thoma

April 24, 2017

Welcome to this week’s episode of the And Scene Theater Podcast!  In Act 1, we'll update you on some casting news, where your NEA dollars actually go (, and why lovers of Prestige TV might be ripe for new theatrical works ( 

In Act 2, we start our look at the History of Theater by going allllllll the way back to the Ancient Greeks.  This is is general overview of the topic, and one to which we will hopefully return to delve deeper into specific aspects of the birthplace of theater.  Then, we are honored to be joined by heralded Greek actress Nikoletta Thoma.  Nikoletta discusses what it’s like to work as an actress in Greece today, how modern Greek theater handles its storied history, and the beauty of performances under the stars

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